I am a licensed physical therapist and holistic body worker, specializing in a variety of hands-on techniques that help restore movement, balance, and long-lasting physical and emotional health. I help relieve pain and imbalance so people can return to the activities they enjoy. 





My training as a physical therapist gives me a strong understanding of anatomy and evidence-based knowledge to facilitate healing. However, pain is a personal and multifaceted experience. The body is very complex, and it’s affected by emotions, belief, life-style, and our own personal life-experiences or trauma. This means that the cause of your physical symptoms may be found where you’re not expecting it.

The holistic philosophy focuses on an inherent healing impulse within each of us that is always moving toward wellness. You cannot treat a part of the body without addressing the whole.  By approaching wellness holistically, I consider the body, mind, spirit, and emotions to help harness the body’s natural healing forces. I integrate a variety of hands-on techniques with fun and effective exercises, and help empower you to move without fear so you can return to the activities you enjoy.  

My fascination with movement and the human body began twenty-five years ago when I taught anatomy lab to improve my figure drawing skills and yoga practice. Eventually I made the switch from art to healthcare, and received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Temple University. I practiced PT at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, worked closely with some of the best physicians throughout Philadelphia, and taught human anatomy lab at Temple University Schools of Podiatry and Physical Therapy before moving to Baltimore in 2015.

I continue to work with some of Baltimore's leading physicians, and treat clients (athletes, busy professionals, parents, and grandparents) with a variety of chronic conditions and injuries who have not responded to other traditional treatments.